Wet n Wild Disturbia and Orly Luxe

Hi :)

After my success copying the Jessica Biel mani, I wanted to try some more nail art. I was on a high and success breeds confidence! However, I’m not very skilled at art or very creative so I went to the always impressive The Nailasaurus for inspiration and saw this.

The Nailasaurus created this look by hand drawing the gold lines, but that’s way out of my league, so I thought I might recreate it with striping tape.

It wasn’t a huge success but overall I thought it was cool looking (from a distance). It turned out to be the same, general, kind of look? Similar? Well at least I tried! :D

I used Wet n Wild Disturbia which is an almost black nail polish with beautiful purple shimmer, (that doesn’t translate to the nails), and Orly Luxe, the best gold nail polish on record. (My record, in my head.)

Wet n Wild Disturbia and Orly Luxe

418.1 Wet n Wild Disturbia and Orly Luxe



Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)

Nails Inc South Kensington & H+M Jo Is In The House

Hi Everyone! :)

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d probably still be wearing the Nails Inc Foil Effect polish! I couldn’t take it off – it is just so shiny! :)

However, I wanted to show you guys something new, so I added H+M Jo Is In The House. This is the prettiest silver holo glitter I have ever seen – if you’re going to get one silver glitter – definitely make it this one. I’ve been stalking my H+M for this polish since I saw it on TheNailasaurus a while ago. So, so glad I did! (Ok..I know I go on a bit, but these are really great polishes!)

Also, I was disappointed with my last striping tape tutorial and did another one – so keep reading if you’d like to see it.

1 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House

2 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House


1. To begin, cut off ten pieces of striping tape. Then, using a tweezers, place two pieces on your nail in the shape of an X.

3 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House

2.(1) Then take two more pieces, and place them parallel to one side of the X, to make a smaller V shape.

4 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House


5 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House

3. Repeat this step on all four sides to get this design.

6 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House

4. Then paint over the striping tape with one coat of polish (Collection 2000 All That Jazz).

7 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House Collection 2000 All That Jazz

5. Quickly, using tweezers, remove all pieces of tape and this is the end result! :)

8 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House Collection 2000 All That Jazz



Hopefully you guys liked my mini tutorial (even though I forgot to add topcoat!), let me know what you think in the comments.


Thanks for looking! :)

– Eleobel

Catrice Apropos Coco

Hi Everyone! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

I have a couple of looks to show you today:

I found this gorgeous light pink nail polish from Catrice called Apropos Coco and thought it was perfect for Valentine’s Day. Of course, I had to add a little sparkle to it. So I added the little heart using Barry M Rose Quartz and the rhinestones because they matched the glitter. I thought it was a very sweet, girly mani.

205 Catrice Apropos Coco and Barry M Rose Quartz (EN)


Next, I have a purple stripe heart mani because it was requested by Margaret after I posted this Sinful Colors mani.

I wanted to make it a bit different so that I wasn’t repeating myself so I did ombre hearts.

I used, from pinkie to index, Nails Inc Duchess Street, China Glaze Creative Fantasy, Bella Pierre Lavender and Sinful Colors Beverly Hills. The white is Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace.

213.1 Nails Inc Duchess Street China Glaze Creative Fantasy Bella Pierre Lavender Sinful Colors Beverly Hills Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace

I did a dotted heart on my thumb with the same purple polishes and really liked how it turned out. (I sometimes experiment on my thumb because you never see it :)



So, instead of repeating the striped hearts on my other hand, I decided to try the dotted heart again, only in pink. I liked it again!

213.3 Model's Own Bubblegum Sinful Colors Pink Forever Model's Own Pastel Pink Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace

By now, I was confident that I could do dotted hearts and did them on my whole hand..but I think I was overly confident because they don’t look like hearts!



I love the different sized dots though – it’s like a cute colour blind test. Next time I’ll just dot the whole nail and I think that will look better.

What do you guys think of my Valentine’s nails?

I hope you’re all having a great day!

Thanks for looking :)

– Eleobel


Sally Hansen Wild Life

Hi Everyone :)

I have another Anti-Valentines mani today and I’m going to show you how I did it too. When I posted the Revlon Tanzanite striping tape mani, the lovely Ting asked for a tutorial, so here it is!

I have to mention that I had no power or water yesterday, because of the terrible weather, so the quality of the pictures and the mani itself isn’t great. I decided to still post it because, it still shows how I achieved the look – but please forgive the bubbles and weird lighting :)

First step: I applied base coat. At the moment I’m using Essie Millionails. (It’s really good if you’re thinking about trying a new base coat, I have zero complaints).

210.1 01


Then I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Wild Life. (Again, sorry for the bubbles.)

210.2 01

I then cut off 12 long pieces of striping tape and stuck them to the lid of my topcoat. (Catrice Quick Dry and High Shine Top Coat – a new favourite.) It’s easier to remove the tape if you use long pieces, and easier to handle when applying.

210.3 01


This next step is the key to getting the particular pattern I used in the Revlon Tanzanite mani. I used my tweezers to stick one piece of tape from the bottom corner of my nail, to the opposite top corner.

210.4 01


Then I added two more pieces, above and parallel to this piece of tape.

210.5 01


The next step is to stick a piece of tape to the other bottom corner of the nail and only bring it as far as the very first piece of tape.

210.6 01


Then add two more pieces, one either side.

210.7 01

This is the completed pattern. Now all you have to do is paint over it in black (Essie Licorice) and remove the pieces of tape immediately using a tweezers.

Tips: If you slowly pull the tape from one side to the other, you’ll get a cleaner line. Use a thin coat of polish and again, remove immediately. (I didn’t remove immediately because I was taking pictures and that’s why the lines are a bit crooked)

210.8 01

I repeated this on my pinkie and this is how it looks so far.

210.9 01


I wanted to cover the pink nails because they bubbled so I decided to make it an Anti-Valentines mani and add a black striped heart and a black glitter heart.

210.15 01

Finally, I want to show you this polish I got in Dealz (the Irish version of Poundland) – it’s called Pretty Metallic Nail Polish and I love it! It does smell awful though.

210.16 01



What do you think?

Thanks for looking!





Sinful Colors Beverly Hills

Hi Everyone!

This is my first Valentines mani – I wanted to do a mix and match mani in something appropriate but not pink, so I went with purple. Here’s what I used:

My pinkie is some caviar beads from an assorted pack I bought in Claires, over Sinful Colors Beverly Hills.

My ring finger is Sinful Colors Beverly Hills, again, with some loose, no name glitter dabbed over it while still wet.

My index finger is a let down here because you can’t tell that it’s very fine purple and holo glitter – it is amazing in the sun!

Finally, my middle finger is Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace with a striped heart using Sinful Colors Beverly Hills.

I think the heart is mainly what makes it Valentine-y. I just wanted to have fun with some different purple polishes because they were new! :)

P.s. Has anyone noticed how cute the polishes and nail art stuff is in Claire’s lately? I’m spending too much time queueing behind toddlers (and buying the same things as them!) :D

207.1 Sinful Colors Beverly Hills Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace Claire's Glitter PinkPurple 01

207.6  Sinful Colors Beverly Hills Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace Claire's Glitter PinkPurple 01

What do you think of my mix and match Valentines mani?

Thanks for looking! :)

Revlon Tanzanite

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing Revlon Tanzanite. It is a lovely metallic purple colour that shifts to a bronze colour at certain angles. The colour shift in the bottle is stronger (and prettier) than on the nail, but I still think it’s a pretty polish. :)

You can see the purple at the top of my nails and you can see the bronze closer to my cuticles.

201.1 Revlon Tanzanite 1

I wanted to do a striping tape mani and thought black would be a nice contrast to the purple metallic and here’s how it turned out:

201.2 Revlon Tanzanite and Essie Liqourice 1

Finally, here’s a pic of the bottle so you can see the gorgeous colour shift (and why I was disappointed it didn’t translate to the nail).

201.3 Revlon Tanzanite 1

I was really happy with the bright purple metallic colour but look at that lovely gold! I really wish the gold was stronger on the nail. It doesn’t even turn gold, it’s more of a dull bronze. Still pretty but just prettier in the bottle. :)

Thanks for looking!