Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond

Hi :)

As I mentioned herebornprettystore.com sent me a few free samples, and one of the free samples was a little packet of checker water decals. I love water decals, they are the greatest nail hack ever! They’re like super thin stickers that no one can tell are stickers. Instant nail art! (A much, much cheaper alternative to nail wraps and easier to use.)

They have a decal for every single kind of nail art effect, galaxy, water marble, even cats! :D Look! So if you want to try any of these looks without opening a bottle of nail polish or spending more than a single euro, then I’d check out the website! :)

To get the look below, I painted three coats of Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond, a beautiful bright red jelly, (it’s bright and squishy and I love it!), and NYC Sugar Heel on my ring finger. I then used striping tape to make little white triangle moons and cut the decals the same shape as the moons.

I dipped the decals in water for a second and then they came away from the cardboard backing really easily and just used my fingers to place them on my nail. The decal is super thin but not sticky so it’s really easy to handle and place.

PLUS this little packet cost 0.87cent, they have free worldwide shipping, and if you use this discount code, AZHQ10, then you get 10% off which makes them 0.78cent! TOTAL! Even I can afford that! (I’ve already ordered another packet in a houndstooth design! :D Yay for cheap supplies! *Dance*

Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond and NYC Sugar Heel and bornprettystore decals:

446.1 Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond BPS Decals and NYC Sugar Heel


Have you ever used water decals?

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


P.s. When I was looking through the site, I came across this little plastic mouse that I thought was so ridiculous that I laughed out loud, but then I realised that it’s the perfect thing to use when your nails are wet! I didn’t buy it but I went from laughing to thinking it was genius! What do you think? :D

NYC Sugar Heel and Hairspray

Hi guys :)

This is NYC Sugar Heel, a white polish with a white shimmer/pearl finish. I was looking for a white polish that I could wear alone without it looking too stark and this is it because the finish gives it a soft, pretty look. I was really happy with this polish, the formula was lovely and it only needed two coats. All for only E1.59. Bargain!

NYC Sugar Heel

359.1 NYC Sugar Heel 01


I also picked up this neon yellow nail polish called Hairspray S416. I had never heard of the brand Hairspray so I Googled it only to find out it’s an Irish beauty brand.  The formula was a bit watery so I layered two coats over NYC Sugar Heel. It also had a chemical smell but you can’t beat the colour! It was radioactive when out in the sun!

Hairspray s416 over NYC Sugar Heel

359.2 Hairspray S416 over NYC Sugar Heel 01


Thanks for looking :)